Who Are We?
We are citizens across all sports working to address necessary protocols in SafeSport, the USOPC, and its related NGBs and affiliates, to include civil liberties for all involved in the safe sport process. We are business people, professionals and participants who see the need and intent of SafeSport, the USOPC, and its related NGBs and affiliates and also see the need for these sport organizations and governing bodies to respect the rights of all participants in amateur and Olympic sport.
We are proud to introduce all sports to the creation of Athletes for Equity in Sport Inc.

Any Donations will help us meet the goals we have set out below. Thank you.


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A $50 contribution from the 7,900+ citizens behind this effort would raise $395,000
A $200 contribution from the 7,900 + citizens behind this effort would raise $ 1,580,000 
A $1,000 or more from those that are willing

Somewhere in-between these figures…… is your contribution that is needed for this critical, lengthy and costly work.  The money is designated to the payment of attorneys, lobbyist, insurance addressing the business of the corporation and dedicated to effecting reform of inequity in SafeSport, the USOPC, and its related NGBs and affiliates policies and procedures. 

Understanding the current lack of civil liberties in recent SafeSport, USOPC and its related NGBs and affiliates disciplinary processes –  NOW IS THE TIME to stand with ATHLETES FOR EQUITY IN SPORT INC.  We are dedicated to this essential undertaking and need and want your help!  If you have said “something must be done, this isn’t right” help us make the change.

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Our Mailing Address is:
Athletes For Equity in Sport, Inc.
7942 West Bell Road, STE C5-471
Glendale, AZ 85308-8705

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All financial contributions go directly to supporting ongoing educational initiatives and operation costs of the Athlete Assistance Program℠. As a 501(c)3, your donation is tax-deductible!

Athletes for Equity in Sport Legacy Fund

The Legacy Fund is established by generous donors who wish to continue their support of AES through their wills, estates, and Trusts. By establishing a bequeath to AES donors provide funding for the important work of establishing and maintaining changes in the Safesport procedures.

Please contact AES for more information on The Legacy Fund.

[email protected]

Thank you!!

This Legacy Fund is established by Athletes for Equity In Sport, Inc., a 501(c)(6) organization. AES has provided no advice regarding the tax consequences of any contribution or bequest to the Legacy Fund. The donor/trustee/testator should consult his or her own advisors regarding the consequences of this transaction.


AES Grants are awarded to individuals or organizations that AES identifies as supporting the AES mission.  Contact AES for more information.

Athletes For Equity In Sport Inc. is a Delaware non profit corporation with tax exempt status as a 501(c)(6) organization.