January 16, 2020

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“Contrary to the recently published statements by Safe Sport and USEF, it has been the collective experience of several lawyers representing the accused and supporting Athletes for Equity in Sport, Inc.’s efforts, in their many interactions with representatives of Safe Sport, that the representatives of Safe Sport demonstrate a severe prosecutorial bias and a wanton disregard for fundamental fairness in the processing of cases from the accusation stage to the punishment stage. 

The Safe Sport system is flawed as it ignores basic constitutional protections granted to all persons subjected to such processes/determinations that will deny both the reporting party and accused significant fundamental commercial and individual rights and liberties. For example, individuals reporting abuse have waited months, even up to a year in some cases, for a response from The Center for Safesport.  More than one accused has been banned for life by The Center for SafeSport effectively denying the banned trainers the means to work at his/her chosen profession, without first providing a hearing, without affording the accused with a statement of the charges against them, without affording the accused with the ability to discover and rebut the evidence to be used against them or to cross examine witnesses who have offered testimony against them. 

The Center for SafeSport cannot undertake to do for the Government what the Government itself cannot do.  Yet, as an entity created by statute to essentially police sport, they claim they can ignore the right of notice to be heard and a fair hearing before the taking of such rights, which must by law only occur in an appropriate and measured administrative process.  If the government can simply sidestep procedural and substantive due process constraints by passing a statute to create an “independent” entity to do its bidding unconstrained by such constitutional limits on government action, then we live in a dangerous time and in a dangerous place.” 

Executive Committee and Attorney’s for

Athletes for Equity in Sport, Inc.

A review of SafeSport’s inadequate system is long overdue. Athletes for Equity in Sport is here to help facilitate that discussion and bring about positive change in the SafeSport process. Please read our ongoing updates and join Athletes for Equity in Sport at:

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